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Partners-Serbia is a civil society organization committed to advancing a culture of change and conflict management, rule of law, democracy and human rights, citizen participation, and civil society in Serbia and worldwide.

Partners Serbia specializes in the following fields:

  • Change and Conflict Management
  • Rule of Law
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Civil Society Development
  • Legal & Business Consulting Services

Partners Serbia main activities involve initiating, supporting and implementing rule of law reform projects; organizing policy debates; preparing draft legislative amendments and subsequent monitoring of the adoption and implementation of those amendments; research, analyses, evaluations and recommendations for legislative amendments; conducting evaluations and surveys to monitor reform efforts in the country; technical support, organizational support, and consulting for other entities; preparing, organizing and delivering of trainings, conferences, roundtables, workshops, etc, establishing and maintaining contacts with similar associations and organizations in Serbia and worldwide; holding international, national and regional meetings related to its mission; and collecting, analyzing and disseminating public education information.